REVIEW album Night Hymns Desert Song (Single)

Exploring The Timeless Sensibilities Of Night Hymns' 'Desert Song'

Desert Song (Single)

Night Hymns

It’s time to take a trip back in time and experience the perfect blend of classic and modern in the music of Vancouver based solo artist Night Hymns newest single “Desert Song”.

Night Hymns skillfully masterfully creates a sound inspired by the likes of The Kinks, The Beatles and Oasis yet grounding it in a modern twist akin to The Rolling Stones. The instrumental performance on Desert Song is absolutely impeccable. Featuring a delicately melancholic guitar line layered with powerful and energetic percussion, Night Hymns clearly captures the essence of a wanderer’s spirit.

The simple but captivating visuals in the accompanying video further strengthens the sentiment of the track — a storytelling journey far above and beyond traditional music creation. One simply cannot deny the sheer genius of this mind-blowing single. The inspiring, nostalgic vibes mixed with the creative modern flair makes Desert Song a must-listen for any nineties nostalgists and new music fans alike.

For those wanting to experience the raw beauty and adventurous emotions of Night Hymn’s music with this new track — look no further.