REVIEW album Timothy Robert Graham Could Be Worse

Timothy Robert Graham's Psych-Pop-Rock EP, Could Be Worse

Could Be Worse

Timothy Robert Graham

Timothy Robert Graham's EP - Could Be Worse - is a vibrant blend of psych-pop-rock, nineties Britpop nostalgia and contemporary vibes. With themes of vulnerability and camaraderie, this collection is all about embracing life's imperfections, inspired by the unstable environment of the covid-19 pandemic.

Opening with "Get Me Out Of Here", this anthem is full of yearning for escape, from a mandated lockdown or from whatever claustrophobic obstacles are in your path. The track resonates with wanderlust and community longing. The accompanying singles "Till There Was You" celebrates unyielding friendships, while "These Days" reinterprets a classic, exuding the fear of new beginnings.

Contrasting his previous release - Could Be Worse - this EP takes a positive spin, urging us to find beauty in life's imperfections. Through intricate melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Graham's music becomes a compass navigating emotions. The new EP however is a resonant offering, connecting listeners to the spectrum of human emotions.