REVIEW album Nicki Wells Ellipsis

Nicki Wells' Beautiful New Album Ellipsis


Nicki Wells

Nicki Wells' album "Ellipsis" is a captivating journey through nuanced musical landscapes. With a blend of Celtic folk, Hindustani influences, and cinematic elements, Wells creates an album that resonates with depth and emotion. From the introspective "Never Will" to the dramatic harmonies of "I Have Longed to Be Here," to the intimate vulnerability of "You're Alright Kid," the album's sonic diversity is matched by Wells' introspective lyricism.

Each of the album’s twelve tracks is a canvas of intricate soundscapes, where Wells' enchanting vocals take center stage. The album's thematic exploration of relationships, introspection, and personal growth resonates through its orchestral elements and haunting vocals. A unique and resonant musical experience that defies categorization.