REVIEW album Litvar Eloquently Aimless

Litvar Burst Onto The Scene With Confident Indie Record, Eloquently Aimless

Eloquently Aimless


Indie rock-pop trio Litvar follow up their well-received debut album, The Greatest Movie Of All Time, with their sophomore record, Eloquently Aimless.

These talented musicians combine playful wordplay and genre-crossing instrumentation in this 11 track album that combines indie-rock, alt-pop, 00s nostalgic and alternative electronica. From start to finish, it's packed with surprises like the earwormy 'You Should Find A New Boyfriend', sensitive 'Alone (Not Lonely)', anthemic 'Oh My God' and sarcastic 'All Those Minutes Ago'.

The band aren't really adhering to current trends either, instead their music reflects what they like to listen to and the themes that apply to their lives.