REVIEW album Matthew Slater Requiem: In Paradisum

FIlm & TV Composer Matthew Slater's Faure's Requiem Proves A Modern Classic

Requiem: In Paradisum

Matthew Slater

You may not know the name Matthew Slater, but if you're a fan of classical music or TV dramas you may well be familiar with his work.

Slater composed the music for ITV's smash hit long running drama Endeavour, and like the show, the accompanying album is a well received piece of art in its own right.

The most recent single from the album - Requiem: In Paradisum - is a piece equal parts haunting and moving. A soft lone choral style voice dances across Slater's composition. Strings and swelling backings make for a piece with all the weight of one passed down through decades, while having the refinement of modern production values.

While these tenants ring true for all of the album's pieces, the complete work provides healthy variation in tone throughout. Chills and thrills delight, taking audiences through all the highs and lows expected of a premiere detective show.

The album is very much one for all fans of classical music, regardless of whether they've seen the series, as the product of a composer at the top of his game.

With scoring duties for Peter James, the best selling novel Grace, and The History of Tom Jones under his belt, it's easy to see why Requiem: In Paradisum is an easy one to get lost in.