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King Iso Cuts Deeper Than Ever Before With “Nightmare”.


King Iso

Over the track’s warped guitar loop, Iso confronts mental health struggles with incisive bars and an insidiously soulful hook as he assures himself, “One day I’ll wake up from this nightmare.” In the accompanying video, his demons poke, prod, and provoke him. Their gothic choreography only heightens the atmosphere of unease as the blood on Iso’s shirt and face remains jarring. The unsettling clip still builds towards an all-important catharsis.

Thus far, he has bulldozed the way for iLLdren with the likes of “Young” and “Way You Are.” Opening up about his son’s Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis on the latter, the song has really begun to resonate. In addition, it picked up plugs from Music Existence, Folk N Rock, and more.

Maintaining a prolific pace, “Way You Are” followed the equally tender “My Kids.” It landed in the wake of “Step Daddy.” The latter has already generated 88.5K Spotify streams and 81K YouTube views on the music video. It continues to gain steam though buoyed by fan enthusiasm, reaction videos, and excitement. Meanwhile, his epic 2022 full-length Get Well Soon has amassed nearly 10 million streams and counting.

King Iso strains the constant chaos of mental health into bludgeoning, often beautiful, and always brilliant hip-hop. Since 2015, he has gone from living on the streets to a viral smash with one of the biggest stars in the world—at the speed of one of his signature cadences. After Autophobia [2016] and Dementia [2018], he unleashed World War Me [2020]. The title track “World War Me” exploded to the tune of over 2.6 million Spotify streams followed by “G.I.’So” at 1.2 million Spotify streams. He also linked up with A-Wax to form The Brazy Bunch, dropping the dynamic and dangerous joint project Written In Blood. Logging countless miles on tour, he reached critical mass in 2021 when he linked up with Tech N9ne, Joey Cool, and none other than Dwayne Johnson for “Face Off.” King Iso only went harder when he delivered the chaotic and cathartic statement Get Well Soon, igniting 2022 on Strange Music.