REVIEW album The Americans Strays

Saving Americana: The Americans Launch Strong EP "Strays"


The Americans

In the wake of their successful 2022 release, "Stand True," the Los Angeles-based ensemble known as The Americans makes a triumphant return with their latest EP, "Strays." This new offering stands out as their most spirited and emotionally charged release to date.

Through their distinctive and intuitive songwriting approach, The Americans infuse each and every note with their deepest emotions, crafting powerful chord progressions that overflow with an abundance of passion and sentiment. "Strays" is a heartfelt project that delves into the full spectrum of life's highs and lows, skillfully striking a delicate balance between reveling in nostalgia and yearning for brighter days ahead.

Right from the vibrant Americana-rock ballad, "When You Get Back," the influence of The Americans is palpable, introducing a vivid and illustrative showcase of songwriting that gives "Strays" its captivating edge.

Among the buoyant rhythms and soothing vocal harmonies, tracks like "Land of the Free" shine brightly on the EP. Frontman Patrick Ferris seamlessly melds with the inspired percussion and invigorating bass, finding solace and hope in the lyrics of each and every song.

The band's unique and powerful works have not gone unnoticed, garnering the attention of numerous stars. They have provided backing for the likes of Nick Cave, Lucinda Williams, Ashley Monroe, and Devendra Banhart, and embarked on four national tours alongside Ryan Bingham. Their close collaborations with Jack White and T Bone Burnett also earned them a place alongside Nas, Elton John, and Alabama Shakes in the PBS/BBC primetime series American Epic. Furthermore, they have made appearances on The Late Show (CBS), and their music has graced the soundtracks of films such as "Texas Killing Fields," "A Country Called Home," "Little Glory," and the television series "No Tomorrow."

The trio behind The Americans comprises Patrick Ferris (vocals/guitar), Zac Sokolow (guitar), and Jake Faulkner (bass).

The fervor evident on "Strays" shines through in tracks like the cinematic "Kingdom," where lush instrumentation and invigorating percussion spring to life. With its commanding vocals and explosive guitar work, this track possesses an empowering quality that will keep listeners at the edge of their seats.

"Strays" is a hauntingly beautiful album that explores an ongoing juxtaposition between sorrow and optimism. Passionate, direct, and often stripped-down, this EP embraces the unique qualities of the band, which, when combined with Ferris' raw vocal performances, culminates in a breathtakingly sentimental body of work.