REVIEW album Lilise Sweeter Than Poison (Single)

Captivating Debut: Lilise's 'Sweeter Than Poison' Leaves A Mark With Youthful Intrigue

Sweeter Than Poison (Single)


Lilise's debut single "Sweeter Than Poison" is an intriguing and promising introduction to this young artist's musical journey. With a blend of acoustic pop, folk, and Americana influences, Lilise isn't afraid to play with different genres.

The choice of "Sweeter Than Poison" as a debut single is quite interesting in my opinion, especially considering Lilise's youth. The track tells a captivating story of an ex-wife's revenge on her husband set against the backdrop of a masquerade ball, drawing inspiration from Taylor Swift's "Better Than Revenge" and murder mystery novels. This choice not only showcases Lilise's penchant for storytelling but also highlights her willingness to take risks and explore unconventional themes, setting her apart from many other debut artists.

Lilise's ability to convey introspection and exuberance through her music is commendable. Her lyrics touch on a range of themes, from body image and misogyny to love and revenge. This thematic diversity demonstrates her maturity as a songwriter and her willingness to tackle important issues through her music.

Lilise's musical talent shines through her vocals, which have been compared to Billie Eilish due to their ethereal quality. Her emotionally charged lyrics and relatable songs make her music resonate on a personal level with listeners of a similar age, forging a strong connection between the artist and the audience.

In this debut release, Lilise's youthful voice is on point, and while she still has time to find her signature sound, she shows great promise.