REVIEW album sali BODY (Single)

Exploring The Musical Universe Of Sali: 'BODY' And Beyond

BODY (Single)


"BODY" by sali is an intriguing musical experience that combines ethereal vocals with a mix of French and English lyrics, showcasing the artist's versatility and unique style. The song's vocals in the beginning create a captivating atmosphere that draws the listener in. When the instruments kick in, they add a new dimension to the track, making it even more engaging.

The bilingual aspect of the song, with lyrics in both French and English, adds an interesting layer to the composition and also reflects the artist's cultural background.

One notable aspect of "BODY" is its brevity, clocking in at less than 3 minutes. While that left me craving more of the musical experience, it also suggests that sali has managed to pack a lot of impact into a short duration, creating a concise yet memorable musical gem.

sali's journey as a singer-songwriter and producer seems to be driven by a desire to capture moments of "ambient, present-tense nostalgia" and to explore themes of self-reflection and personal growth. This introspective approach to songwriting can be heard in this new release. I can't wait to hear more from this rising artist!