REVIEW album Awake For Days Betrayed (Single)

Betrayed - Awake For Days

Betrayed (Single)

Awake For Days

Awake For Days is a Sardinian Alternative Metal band from Nuoro, founded in 2013 by lead vocalist Lukas Moore. With a style that includes alternative metal, groove metal and metalcore in its DNA, the band has released 2 full-lengths, the last one, “Multiverse”, in March.

With two US tours as supporting act for COLD (over 100 appearances across the whole country) and shows all over Europe, Awake For Days are finally back with “Betrayed”, new single recorded at the FuelMusic Studio in Los Angeles with the featuring vocals of Cristian Machado (Ill Niño, Lions at the Gate). And I think the result is exactly what you expect from this collaboration: a track that it’s a sort of mix between the old and new generation of nu-metal/alt-metal music.

In terms of songwriting the band has done good stuff, with a good balance between the melodic part of its DNA and without being too heavy (and with a guest as Machado the risk was high). But as you know the main question is: how is Machado today? Complex question: the style of Awake For Days is simply perfect for his style, without the stress to be too much aggressive in terms of vocal range and for sure he is a notable for the band as guest, in the end, a good deal for both.

“Betrayed” it’s a good track, for sure an interesting surprise for those who are used to listen alt-rock/metal.