REVIEW album Solarrio NLF (Single)

Solarrio Returns With Funk-Pop Anthem "NLF" Featuring Holland Izz

NLF (Single)


In a world where pop and hip-hop have dominated the music scene, it's refreshing to stumble upon a track that defies the norm, blending genres, and delivering a groovy, foot-tapping experience. Solarrio's latest track, "NLF", featuring the dynamic and culturally innovative Holland Izz, is exactly that kind of refreshing surprise. This fusion of Popfunk, Dancepop, and Funk is not just a song; it's an irresistible throwback to the legendary sounds of the eighties while offering an uptempo and funky dance experience that's bound to leave you craving more.

Solarrio, whose real name is David Barenboim, brings a unique and diverse musical background to "NLF". Growing up in a household of classical musicians, he embarked on a musical journey that took him through rock bands during his school years and eventually led him to music production, heavily inspired by hip-hop and freestyle sessions with local rap crews. For over a decade, he solidified his reputation as one of Germany's top hip-hop producers. However, Solarrio decided to shift his focus to creating his own music, resulting in a captivating blend of synthpop and RNB/Funk that's beautifully encapsulated in this new track.

"NLF" serves as a sensational preview of Solarrio's upcoming debut album. The track was a collaborative effort with Alhassan Sakho, a frequent creative partner, but the magic truly happens when Solarrio brings in Holland Izz.

Holland Izz is a recording artist and record producer who's been turning heads in the contemporary hip-hop scene. His distinctive style is characterized by an energy-fueled delivery and clever lyrical content, and this new release is no exception.

In a music world dominated by predictability, Solarrio's "NLF" stands as a beacon of creativity, grooviness, and an unwavering dedication to timeless sounds.