REVIEW album Skies Behind I Love It (Single)

Skies Behind Unveils "I Love It"- A Powerful Anthem With A Stunning Finale

I Love It (Single)

Skies Behind

Irish alternative rock sensation, Skies Behind, hailing from Cork, is back with their latest musical offering, "I Love It". This track, a preview of their upcoming EP, is a defiant and hopeful anthem that captivated me for sure.

The song is delivered with an intensity that showcases the band's unapologetic 'bangers only' mentality, a quality that has endeared them to fans across Ireland.

The track features strong and beautiful vocals, with Dan Sheedy's voice leading the way. The lyrics resonate with a feeling of being out of control and not quite understanding what will bring happiness. This relatable theme is grounded in the realization that finding balance and solace often comes from leaning on those closest to us and being there for them in return. It's a message of hope and connection that many can identify with.

One of the standout aspects of "I Love It" is the way it builds musical tension towards the end of the track. The instruments take center stage, and you can feel the energy and anticipation grow. This dynamic shift adds depth to the song and keeps the listener engaged until the very end. It's a masterful touch that highlights the band's songwriting and musical prowess.