REVIEW album Benedict Sinister Only Sixteen (Single)

Dance Floor Darling Benedict Sinister Drops 'Only Sixteen'

Only Sixteen (Single)

Benedict Sinister

French /Australian music artist, producer, poet and video creator Benedict Sinister has released a new single Only Sixteen.

The song is a nostalgic love song which remembers a teenage breakup, which Benedict describes himself as “Emo rap meets Adele.”

The track is an English-language adaptation of the Italian trap song “Autostima” by the underground teen Napolitan-Roman duo Psicologi, that went viral and featured on the soundtrack of the hit Netflix show, “Summertime.” Sinister translated the lyrics and added a new final verse, which includes his trademark reference to other artists, in this case Cat Stevens. It’s his first adaptation of an Italian song, following the success of his English versions of songs by French master lyricists Serge Gainsbourg and Vincent Delerm.

The release reflects an increased interest in Italian music in the Anglo world, with the English version of “Italodisco” just released and the ascent of Italian rock Gods Maneskin.

This release once again proves Sinister's diversity and creativity.