REVIEW album Bonneville Boogeyman (Single)

Bonneville Dazzles With Their Contemporary Take On Retro Soul In 'Boogeyman'

Boogeyman (Single)


Bonneville, the dynamic retro soul band consisting of Jeff Hayashi and Wes McGee, is taking music lovers on a time-traveling adventure with their latest single, 'Boogeyman.'

The song pulses with the boundless energy of that era, from its grandiose introduction to the irresistible, soul-infused grooves in the verses, and the soaring bridge. While 'Flying Machine' as a whole radiates a neo-soul and post-disco ambiance, 'Boogeyman' transports us back to the timeless east coast R&B sound of the late 70s, reminiscent of the iconic crime dramas that immortalized this genre.

Lead vocalist Wes McGee infuses the song with the soulful essence of early 70s artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, and Randy Crawford.

Drawing inspiration from funk, soul, and legendary 70s R&B icons such as Bobby Womack, The Spinners, Sly and the Family Stone, and Tower of Power, 'Boogeyman' takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey back in time while retaining a contemporary edge—an artistic triumph by Bonneville.