REVIEW album Connie Lansberg Free (Single)

Connie Lansberg's "Free": Unveiling The Depths Of Transformation

Free (Single)

Connie Lansberg

Melbourne based artist Connie Lansberg has released her brand new single called “Free” from her upcoming, self produced album “Alone with Bees.”

Not just your average jazz vocalist, Lansberg is a highly accomplished jazz singer-songwriter as well as author who entwines storytelling with performance and covers themes of energy healing and wellness.

Her new single “Free” tells a story of overcoming forgotten trauma of the past and the memories that come up in exploring them. It is intimate as well as inspiring, and is written in Lansberg’s trademark style where she taps into the depth of loss and transformation.

Lansberg’s delicate vocals are backed by Mark Fitzgibbon on piano, Ben Hanlon on double bass and Peter Hodges on drums. “Free” intertwines jazz, classical and some country music elements too, making this a stand out track from the album. The song was recorded in a single take, and is both evocative and uplifting.

A long standing fixture on the Australian jazz scene, Connie Lansberg often evokes artists such as Blossom Dearie and Carol King with such expressive melodies and poetic lyrics.

Her ability to make “fresh” jazz that inspires her audience is certainly shown in this new song and is a must listen for aspiring new fans.