REVIEW album Beldon Haigh Anyway You Want It (Single)

Beldon Haigh's 'Anyway You Want It' Unveils A Sonic Protest For Social Awakening

Anyway You Want It (Single)

Beldon Haigh

If you're already missing the Halloween spirit, I have just the right music video for you from Beldon Haigh.

The Scottish band, led by Justin Skelton and featuring a diverse and talented lineup, is not your typical indie rock band. Their music, enriched by a three-piece horn section and notable guest appearances, goes beyond mere entertainment. Instead, it serves as a powerful vehicle for addressing critical social issues, a commitment that has defined the band's trajectory.

Their latest release, "Anyway You Want It", is more than just a brilliantly produced indie rock song—it's a musical weapon aimed at unraveling the complexities of dysfunctional relationships, narcissistic traps, and societal blindness. The band confronts the listener with the repeated lyric, "I'm gonna give you it any way you want it", cleverly emphasizing the unhealthy sacrifices inherent in a world few truly desire.

This high-tempo, high-energy rock anthem offers layers of meaning that can resonate in various moods—from lifting spirits to motivating in the gym or prompting quiet contemplation. Beldon Haigh has ingeniously woven menacing guitar riffs and exhilarating drum fills into the song's fabric, creating a musical experience that pulsates with romance, menace, and profound storytelling. Then we have the music video, which bears the band's visual signature: infamous masks portraying Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong as zombies. Through their unique zombie dances and hilarious antics, the band sheds light on the song's deeper meaning.

Beldon Haigh's music goes beyond the realms of typical indie rock, using their art as a weapon to confront societal issues. So if you're looking for music that resonates not only with the ears but also with the soul, provoking thought, and inspiring change, Beldon Haigh is your go-to band!