REVIEW album Phoebe Coco I Am Not A Machine

Phoebe Coco Shares "I Am Not A Machine"

I Am Not A Machine

Phoebe Coco

British artist Phoebe Coco is back with an enchanting new EP, "I Am Not A Machine".

The EP's vibes, reminiscent of Dutch artist Thomas Azier, showcase the importance of urban elements in Phoebe Coco's unique sound and it makes it more than just music - a true piece of art.

At just the right intersection of organic and electronic, Phoebe Coco's upbringing in the lush landscapes of The Brecon Beacons National Park and her current life in London fuel the ambivalence at the heart of her music. "I Am Not A Machine" beautifully captures the interplay between the natural and urban worlds, creating a sonic landscape where these contradictions coexist.

While the lead single, "Machine" is a beautiful track that takes listeners on a musical journey that blurs genre boundaries, my personal favorite is "Earth Dream". The production work allows us to feel the Earth's beating while Phoebe sings on top of it for a truly unique experience.

In a changing world, "I Am Not A Machine" is Phoebe Coco's call to slow down, listen, and find harmony in the world around us.

So get ready for a hop, skip and a jump down the rabbit hole into alternative singer-songwriter Phoebe Coco’s ecological EP to sing in the trees and dance on a moon-plane.