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Young Guns Surprise London With One Off Show

  Rain was falling over a dull London and people were hidden away leaving the streets empty. However, one piece of news brightens up this dreary Monday evening and it’s Rock band Young Guns are playing in the heart of Soho at the elaborate venue Madame Jojo’s.
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At this intimate, dark venue the crowd are chanting “Young Guns” and though it might seem like a whisper compared to the crowds of Reading & Leeds festivals the band were still excited and appreciative. Bursting the stage with their newest single ‘I want out’ a non-stop energy is conveyed and the band ooze enthusiasm. This energy and adrenaline is reflected onto the crowd as an unsuspecting crowd surfer is helped onto the small stage by lead singer Gustav Wood and shares his presence with the young fan.

Though the band state themselves that they have “been away for a while” they reassure the crowd of new material and future concerts; however it appears to me the band are still in their element with their tight and rocking performance. The deep rich tone of Gustav Wood with the heavy drumming ultimately underlying the beat, Ben Jolliffe is the top player in this team; but the band as a whole create feel good rock music that even a pop junkie could head bang and jump around to.

With the night coming to an end its obvious the band have one more song to play. A song they stated “we owe a lot to”, ‘Bones’ is the pinnacle number where the crowd go crazy and Wood joins them by jumping into the pit, screaming the lyrics whilst the intense guitar riffs take the lead on the stage. There’s nothing left but the echoes of the incredible music that occurred here on this exciting Monday evening.

New Single "I want out" is out now and available on iTunes Written by Hannah West