REVIEW album Spectral Display Slowly (Single)

Spectral Display Deliver Feel-Good With 'Slowly'

Slowly (Single)

Spectral Display

As evidenced by the new single 'Slowly' released by the Dutch group Spectral Display, electronic music goes hand in hand with other genres of music such as pop and latin grooves. When this new song starts playing, you can't help but start moving to the beat—it's almost like a reflex—and the infectious vibe is sure to be music to many people's ears.

'Slowly' begins with a steady buildup, followed by the introduction of some groovy guitar riffs. Soon after, a vocal delivery emerges that immediately draws us into the action. The vocals are sung with an exhilarating sense of assurance, and they work in perfect harmony with a drum rhythm that has a latin flavour to it in the background. It is the cadence's hip-moving that makes this tune quite the feel-good gem that it is, and the producer, Michel Mulders, has gone above and beyond in his objective to get a positive reaction from the audience.

The already powerful instrumental also includes a robust bass groove that lends further weight to the already solid production. It makes the feet tap with an even greater intensity as the song's narrative leaves plenty of food for thought. The storyline is focused on figuring out the thoughts and feelings of another, urging that they express themesleves slowly to ensure that no wires are crossed.

Overall, 'Slowly' is one that fills me with a great deal of joy, and I simply cannot get enough of it!