REVIEW album Oestara Blip (Single)

Oestara's Singles Leave A Lasting Impression

Blip (Single)


Oestara, a rising electronic artist, has recently graced the music scene with two new singles – “Blip” and “Kech”. These singles showcase Oestara’s unique blend of ambient, hiphop, and electronic influences. If you’re not familiar with Oestara, then “Blip” is the perfect introduction to her sound.

The track seamlessly weaves together electronic elements with hiphop beats, creating a dreamy and immersive experience for the listener. Oestara’s signature ambient style is evident throughout the song, transporting listeners to a different world with its tranquil waves of sound. However, it’s “Kech” that truly demonstrates Oestara’s musical capabilities. The track’s hypnotic drum loops form the backbone of the song, allowing for the more intricate layers of synths and keys to shine. The result is an upbeat and energetic track that is impossible to resist moving to. Oestara’s ability to create a perfect balance between modern and retro sounds in “Kech” is a testament to her musical talent. Interestingly, Oestara’s name comes from an alternative spelling of “Ostara” – a goddess associated with fertility. But aside from her music, Oestara is also passionate about another cause close to her heart – female rights, particularly in the workplace. As a mother herself, she understands the sacrifices that women have to make in order to pursue their careers and raise a family.

With her name paying homage to a powerful goddess, Oestara imbues her music with a deeper meaning and purpose. With “Blip” and “Kech”, Oestara has once again proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music world. Her talent and passion shine through in every note, and it’s clear that she is on an upward trajectory towards success. If you’re a fan of artists like Aphex Twin, Four Tet, or DJ Shadow, then Oestara is definitely an artist worth checking out. Keep an eye out for Oestara’s future releases, as she continues to surprise and delight listeners with her unique and captivating sound.