REVIEW album Graztopia Beatnik Serenade at the Cup Coffeehouse

Brewing Beatnik Magic At The Cup Coffeehouse

Beatnik Serenade at the Cup Coffeehouse


In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of independent music, a rare and enigmatic figure emerges from the heart of NYC. With a stage name as intriguing as his music, Graztopia beckons us into a realm where boundaries blur and genres intermingle.

A one-man band, live looping artist, and singer-songwriter, Graztopia’s extensive musical journey has led him to craft an EP that defies conventional classification. Bringing together elements of rock, folk and jazz blues with spontaneous melodies, loop pedal and his trusted “Mothership Pedalboard.”

His latest EP entitled “Beatnik Serenade at the Cup Coffeehouse” showcases this blend of acoustic sounds and synthesized melodies well. The first track of the album, “Nocturnal Lullaby”, is a composition written about the news of a friend’s passing, an event which deeply impacted the artist. While the single is not explicitly about his friend, it serves as a poignant reflection of the emotions and events surrounding that fateful moment.

“Submarine Sea Shanty” has some additional accordion melodies added in to the mix, along with keyboard contributions from fellow musician Jess DeBellis. “Transient Haze” is an eclectic song with dynamic percussion and rhythmic guitar notes. Each song on the album was recorded to a click track.

From the soulful melodies to the thought provoking lyrics, Graztopia’s music has a unique ability to evoke emotions and stir the imagination. A musician, a storyteller, and a sonic wonder, his impact of the music scene is, genuine and impactful.

“Beatnik Serenade at the Cup Coffeehouse” was recorded and mixed by Dan “Graz” Graziano, and mastered by Mike Longo.