REVIEW album Philip Masorti Lost at Sea

Sailing Through Genres: Philip Masorti’s New Alt Triumph In “Lost At Sea”

Lost at Sea

Philip Masorti

Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter Philip Masorti has released a stunning new album, “Lost at Sea.”

Masorti’s musical journey is an intriguing one, blending a wide array of influences into a unique “New Alt” sound. His eclectic mix of inspirations, ranging from legends like Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Leonard Cohen, and many more, definitely shapes the depth and variety of his music.

This follows a 27 year career as a criminal defense attorney in Central Appalachia. In 2005, he picked up a guitar and began songwriting, and never looked back! Relocating to NYC in March 2023 marked a full commitment to his musical passion, leading to collaborations with top musicians.

“Lost at Sea” is akin to a sailor navigating musical currents, each song delivering beauty and substance and telling stories of life’s trials and triumphs. From more intimate acoustic songs, to orchestral compositions, this new album stands out as reflecting his years of life experience and creative energy.

While in NYC, Masorti has developed his sound further with live performances and regular recording sessions, further establishing him as an accomplished artist amongst the vibrant music scene. With a prolific output, recording 24 songs in a span of only 20 months, it is evident that he is very dedicated.

His fusion of various influences, from the likes of Joe Jackson, Leonard Cohen, Miles Davis, and many other legends, creates a unique sound that is truly his own.