REVIEW album Agat With The Incrowd

AGAT Drops Poignant Album With The Incrowd

With The Incrowd


Agat delivers a welcome diversion from mainstream pop. Her music fuses electronic motifs, Aggressive yet emotional vocals, booming bass lines and an affinity for analogue sounds. Alongside performing shows in her hometown Tel-Aviv, Agat is establishing herself as an international act. Oh, and her stage presence is electric.

With the release of her album 'With The Incrowd', one senses that this really is an artist who has a lot to say - this is alt hip-hop with poignant social commentary. A critical yet important look at society is provided by With The Incrowd, particularly with regard to its gluttony and addiction to materialism. Bold percussion and basslines accompany gritty lyrics and vocal delivery, a mesh of modernistic synthy sounds.