REVIEW album Dwin Love Lane

A Collaborative EP From Afro-Fusion Singer-Songwriter Dwin, The Stoic & Producer

Love Lane

Dwin The Stoic

Love Lane is a collaborative EP from afro-fusion singer-songwriter Dwin, The Stoic and producer Rhaffy. The 5-track EP takes listeners down a fictional lane in a unique sonic exploration that touches on different ways love is experienced - from the sweet to the sour.

With this release, both musicians will be showing off their dexterity at genre fusion. Rooted in Dwin’s penchant for vivid storytelling and Rhaffy’s natural versatility, Love Laneis an explorative and emotive project that has us thinking back to the love in our lives, framed by intimacy and relatability in perfect quantities.

Throughout the EP, the pair show off their skills and dexterity. Dwin, The Stoic writes, performs and composes all the songs alongside Rhaffy who produces and engineers the entire project. Dwin, The Stoic brings his emotive vocals and songwriting, while Rhaffy provides lush production and instrumentation that perfectly complements the stories being told.