REVIEW album Norman Sann I Miss Mixtapes

Beyond The Mainstream: Why Norman Sann's 'I Miss Mixtapes' Deserves Your Full Attention

I Miss Mixtapes

Norman Sann

Norman Sann's "I Miss Mixtapes" is a refreshing return to the roots of hip hop, showcasing a masterful blend of lyricism and positive messaging. In an era dominated by mainstream releases from artists like Drake, Offset, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz, Sann's album stands out as a testament to the enduring power of thoughtful, well-crafted hip hop.

The album's standout track, "Forged by Fire," exemplifies Sann's ability to weave intricate lyrics with a positive message. The song not only showcases his lyrical prowess but also delivers a motivational narrative that is often missing in contemporary hip hop. Sann's poignant storytelling and clever wordplay demonstrate a commitment to the art form that is both admirable and rare in today's music landscape.

"I Miss Mixtapes" not only excels in its lyrical content but also boasts top-tier production, elevating the overall listening experience. Sann's choice of beats complements his lyrical style, creating a cohesive and engaging sonic journey for the listener.

In a genre that sometimes leans towards materialism and braggadocio, Norman Sann's album is a breath of fresh air, offering substance, depth, and a positive outlook. This release is a must-listen for hip hop enthusiasts who appreciate the genre's roots and long for the days when lyricism took center stage. Don't let this gem get lost in the shuffle – Norman Sann's "I Miss Mixtapes" is a standout addition to the hip hop scene.