REVIEW album Okito Dystopian Heart Vol. II

Okito's 'Dystopian Heart Vol. II': A Sonic Odyssey Redefining Future Funk And Electric Soul

Dystopian Heart Vol. II


Okito's latest offering, "Dystopian Heart Vol. II," is a genre-defying masterpiece that seamlessly blends future funk, electric soul, and an eclectic vibe. With a sound like no other, Okito emerges as a distinctive voice in contemporary music, reminiscent of iconic artists such as Sade, Macy Gray, Bilal, and D'Angelo. His ability to traverse various sonic landscapes while maintaining a unique identity solidifies him as a standout artist for our time.

The standout track, "Comin Over," encapsulates Okito's musical prowess. His smooth voice glides effortlessly over funky guitar licks, creating a mesmerizing fusion of soulful vocals and infectious beats. The track is a testament to Okito's versatility, offering a perfect blend of nostalgia and modernity. "Comin Over" not only showcases his vocal finesse but also invites listeners to groove to a compelling dance beat.

In an era where artists often conform to established trends, Okito's fearless exploration of sound sets him apart. "Dystopian Heart Vol. II" is not just an album; it's a sonic journey that pushes boundaries and challenges musical norms. Okito has undeniably carved a niche for himself in the music industry, and this album cements his status as a visionary artist with a voice that resonates uniquely in our time.