REVIEW album Velcrocranes What If I Die

Hard Prog Album Will Take You On A Journey Through Life & Death

What If I Die


Velcrocranes' newest album, What If I Die, is a masterpiece of hard progressive music that delves into the existential realities of life and death. This 9-track project is a rich and thoughtfully curated piece that invites listeners to contemplate the profound complexities of human existence. Each track on the album serves as a mirror, reflecting the ever-changing understanding of life, its meaning, and our values and choices. The band has carefully crafted a parallel between the evolution of our perception of death and the evolution of their music.

This parallel is evident in the album's singles, Step Aside, Hold Your Breath, and Afterlife, Pt. 2, which not only showcase the band's musical prowess but also explore deep themes of fear, discrimination, and tolerance. As one listens to What If I Die, they will be pleasantly surprised by the band's ability to seamlessly blend various musical genres. From their jazz roots to electronic and prog-rock influences, each track offers a unique and refreshing experience for the listener. The Velcrocranes consists of Efim (vocalist), Nikita (producer), Alex (guitarist/arranger), Bogdan (bass), and Liza (songwriter). Together, they have created an album that is not only sonically impressive but also intellectually stimulating.

To fully appreciate the depth and complexity of What If I Die, it is best listened to on all platforms. This hard-rock album is a must-have for any music lover looking for a transformative and thought-provoking experience. Let Velcrocranes take you on a journey through the intricacies of life.