REVIEW album Hotel Ugly Fish Maan (Single)

Fish Maan Is An Epic Return To Familiar Roots

Fish Maan (Single)

Hotel Ugly

"Hotel Ugly" has undeniably conquered the streaming world and more ever since their emergence in 2020. Following the resounding success of their debut single 'Shut Up My Mom’s Calling,' which could easily be considered one of the most triumphant debut singles in history, this Billboard 100 artist has now unveiled an irresistible new jam for fans to devour.

Returning from the melancholic indie-pop vibe of 'Action Figures Fighting,' Mike Vince and the band revisit their roots with the vibrant R&B track 'Fish Maan.' This slow, engaging jam is packed with playful synth lines and melodies that warrant repeated listening, exemplifying why Ugly has soared so remarkably in such a short span. In an industry notoriously challenging to break into, their rise has been nothing short of meteoric.

Hotel Ugly embodies something distinctive, resonating strongly with Generation Z, thanks to their infectious beats that effortlessly capture hearts.