REVIEW album DePresno Silence (Single)

Norwegian Artist DePresno Delivers Chic Piano Ballad 'Silence'

Silence (Single)


At 25, Bjarte dePresno Borthen, hailing from Bergen on Norway's west coast, has carved a musical niche. Performing under the name dePresno, he's renowned for his distinct baritone voice, which adds a unique depth to his releases. Since his debut single "Friend of the Devil" nearly five years ago, dePresno has forged a career in Norway, blending critical acclaim with commercial success as both an artist and songwriter.

"Silence" emerges as a shimmering and emotive piano ballad, once again highlighting dePresno's captivating low vocals at the forefront of this beautifully crafted offering. The production delicately builds, with snares gently swirling beneath his soft and inviting voice, a hallmark of dePresno's effortless delivery.

The song's climax unfolds into a grander band performance, offering an epic conclusion to this enriching, warm folk-pop tune. With shades reminiscent of The National and Bon Iver, dePresno possesses all the elements for a contemporary pop-infused hit that appeals to a wide audience. 'Silence' exhibits cleverness and immediate accessibility, showcasing the finesse and understated brilliance of this young Norwegian artist.