REVIEW album David Francisco If You Should Fall In Love (Single)

If You Should Fall In Love By David Francisco

If You Should Fall In Love (Single)

David Francisco

David Francisco, based in Los Angeles, is a multi-talented figure—a singer-songwriter, producer, speaker, and survivor of a spinal cord injury. His national recognition stemmed from his appearance on American Idol in 2018, where he shared his remarkable story of overcoming adversity. In 2016, a serious biking accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Through surgery, determination, and resilience, he navigated his way back from what seemed an insurmountable setback.

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, David transformed this experience into a driving force, cherishing each day and pouring this energy into his music. His debut album, 'Lionheart,' released in 2020, encapsulated Francisco's extraordinary journey. He now takes the reins in production, gearing up for the release of his groundbreaking EP 'Hypothetical Heartbreak' in 2023.

The lead single, 'If You Should Fall In Love,' immediately captivates listeners. David exudes an undeniable charm, delivering raw, pure songwriting brilliance that feels delicately poised. His effortless vocals place him among the finest in the pop-infused realm, attracting fans of artists like Phoebe Bridgers and JP Saxe within the indie pop songwriter genre.

Delving into the theme of love from his own perspective, David crafts songs in a beautiful and endearing manner. He explores personal struggles, from uncertainties about finding love as a person with changed circumstances to recalling his shy school days' romantic quandaries—themes vividly portrayed in 'If You Should Fall In Love.'

Beyond his appearances on The Ellen Show, David has exceeded expectations, branching out to produce for prominent artists like Maddie Zahm and Sophia James, amassing over 80 million streams to date.

'If You Should Fall In Love' stands as a soulful and captivating creation, showcasing both joy and vulnerability. This powerful acoustic pop ballad serves as an inspiration, a testament to David's resilience and an encouragement for others to persevere through life's toughest challenges.