REVIEW album Agat With The Incrowd

Alt Hip-hop With A Social Conscience: Agat

With The Incrowd


Agat, the alternative hip-hop artist, is making a bold statement with her latest album, "With The Incrowd." Her creative energy is palpable, evident in an album that defies genre boundaries. Incorporating a mix of pleasant, cascading piano melodies and deep, resonating electronic basslines that reverberate within you, this album is meticulously crafted. Hailing from Tel-Aviv, Agat has poured considerable thought and time into the captivating sounds heard throughout this record—each element flows seamlessly, maintaining an unpredictability that's rare in such experimental works.

The lyrics delve into intricate themes such as the human pursuit of love and contentment, highlighting how individuals grapple with these desires in a modern context, often seeking fulfillment through artificial means. Agat navigates these themes with a dynamic range of vocal styles, keeping the listener engaged on this sonic journey. In tracks like "Incrowd," she delivers the lyrics in a dark and enigmatic manner, steadily building tension and suspense against a sparse background. The song then crescendos, showcasing Agat's vocal prowess as she passionately belts out the lyrics, backed by impactful electronic motifs and driving drumbeats.

This album encapsulates attitude, passion, anger, and vulnerability, showcasing Agat's versatility as an artist. Her potential shines through as she consistently delivers impressive work. "With The Incrowd" stands as a must-listen for any music enthusiast, offering a captivating blend of experimental sounds and thought-provoking lyrics.