REVIEW album SK-47 It Was Me (Single)

SK-47 Proves He's One To Watch

It Was Me (Single)


SK-47 emerges as one of Southeast London's most promising drill artists, proudly representing Lewisham. His focus on his craft is unmistakable, reflected in his lyrics packed with vivid imagery and assertive concepts. Starting his journey with the release of "Verbal" in June 2021—an impressive track amassing 2.9 million streams on Spotify—SK-47 showcases unwavering consistency in building his music catalogue.

Heading into 2022, SK-47's dedication is unparalleled, with a series of successful singles marking his impressive work ethic. Witnessing a growth in popularity, SK-47 garnered attention from various radio stations, including Ellie Prohan on "Kiss FM" and Rob Bruce on "Capital Xtra," who showcased support by featuring his tracks on their shows.

The anticipation builds for his EP, 'SK 24/7,' a 6-track compilation that encapsulates his essence. Seamlessly blending classic drill beats with compelling and intense rhymes and flow, the lead single 'It Was Me' perfectly encapsulates SK-47's artistry. Drawing parallels to the vintage Stormzy era, SK-47 effortlessly navigates between grime, drill, and rap, captivating a dedicated audience enamored by this multifaceted genre fusion.

SK-47 is undeniably making his mark in the music landscape, showcasing not only his artistry but also his versatility. With more to unveil, the newcomer from Southeast London is a rising star to watch in 2023, continuing to narrate his life stories through the distinctive drill beats that have become emblematic of his sound. As 'It Was Me' sets the tone, SK-47's music promises to resonate with many, setting a powerful tone for the year ahead.