REVIEW album Ariel Arbisser Bred for This (Single)

A Bold Electro-Pop Anthem

Bred for This (Single)

Ariel Arbisser

Ariel Arbisser recently dropped her single “Bred for This”, providing a sneak peek into her upcoming album scheduled for early 2024.

Described by Arbisser as dramatic electro-pop, this track exudes energy and draws inspiration from influential artists like Sara Bareilles, Adele, Alice Russell, and Laura Nyro. Arbisser’s adept blending of hypnotic melodies and powerful vocals brings this song to life, delving into the theme of women navigating pain and mistreatment in silence within our society.

This encapsulates a personal journey of healing from abuse and PTSD over the past few years. The universal message then, extends to various types of connections we share whether that be platonic, familial, romantic, and encourages individuals to speak up with positivity and a hint of edge.

Her rich vocals seamlessly integrate with the rhythmic flow of the track, addressing challenging topics with a constructive message. With a musical journey that spans from Iowa, middle America, to her current residence in Ithaca, New York, Arbisser demonstrates an unwavering dediction to her chosen musical path.

Her debut solo album, “Risk of Love” was not only a musical triumph but also earned acclaim as an auditory delight.

“Bred for This” is a beautifully crafted song that leaves me anticipating the new album. Co-written by Arbisser, Andy Adelewitz, and Colleen Countryman, she underwent expert mixing by Chris Ploss at Sunwood Recording and was mastered by Steve Goldman at Four Legs Records.