REVIEW album SAPPHIRE test drive (Single)

SAPPHIRE Inspires With Her Pop EP, Test Drive

test drive (Single)


SAPPHIRE's test drive EP encapsulates the essence of her dynamic and expressive sound. The five-track collection delves into the challenges of the digital realm, drawing inspiration from her experiences with online negativity.

Kicking off with the energetic "wasting my time," the EP immediately captivates with a lively beat and SAPPHIRE's compelling vocals. "dangerously" showcases her vulnerability, offering a contrasting yet emotionally resonant perspective. The dance-driven "crisis" anchors the heart of the EP, blending relentless beats with compelling vocals. "oxygen" explores themes of control and mistaken love, gradually building to a cathartic release.

Closing with "corvette," the EP embraces powerful minimalism, allowing storytelling lyrics to shine. SAPPHIRE's test drive is a testament to her versatility and artistry, affirming her position as a rising force in the pop music scene.