REVIEW album Mackenta Life On Venus

Mackenta Rises As R&B's Authentic New Name

Life On Venus


Mackenta's Lfe On Venus EP is a cosmic exploration of the complexities of human nature within the realm of alternative R&B. Seamlessly blending soulful vocals, poignant rap verses, and dreamy melodies, the Toronto-based artist presents a nuanced sonic tapestry that delves into the duality of her experiences.

The six-track journey opens with the moody "IT’S RAINING," transitioning effortlessly between R&B and rap. "WHAT’S THE POINT?" follows, a steamy track questioning the purpose of a failing relationship. The empowering "VENU$" celebrates female solidarity, while "PLAY" combines a desire for independence with the joy of connection. "DELUSIONAL" showcases Mackenta's rap skills, and the anthem "FLYING" concludes the EP, reflecting on manifestation and following one's dreams.

The project symbolizes Mackenta's evolution, capturing her healing journey and the multidimensionality of womanhood. With a core of R&B, Life On Venus invites listeners to embrace authenticity and celebrates the empowering essence of Mackenta's artistry. The EP stands as a testament to her growth, weaving together diverse genres and relatable experiences into a cohesive narrative of self-discovery and resilience.