REVIEW album COASTCITY Afterlife (Single)

Grammy-Award Winning Duo Unveil Latin R&B Hit “Afterlife”

Afterlife (Single)


Who would have thought two kids from Puerto Rico were going to fall so deeply in love with R&B that they would end up putting their own spin on it and reinventing the genre for new generations?

Their release, "Afterlife", presents a fresh fusion of Latin and R&B elements. Produced during a memorable session in Buenos Aires, where Danny F, also known as D COAST, collaborated with rising Venezuelan artist FABRO (living in Argentina), the track carries a dark and emotional undertone. After the initial session, D COAST joined forces with Jean in Miami to complete the songwriting and production process. "Afterlife" narrates a love story that transcends a single lifetime. Exploring an unresolved conflict that ultimately finds solace in the afterlife, the track takes listeners on a journey of healing and emotional discovery.

Beyond their musical endeavors, both Jean Rodríguez and Danny Flores continue to make an impact in the music industry. Jean serves as a governor and influential member of the Florida Chapter of the Recording Academy, participating in esteemed panels alongside renowned producer and writer Poo Bear. Jean's exceptional talent was recognized with five Grammy wins in the past year. Meanwhile, Danny has been Music Directing for various artists and recently graduated with a Master's in Music Business and Entertainment from the University of Miami.