REVIEW album Lemzi Outliers - A Creative Project by Lemzi

LEMZI Drops Encapsulating Rap Album ‘OUTLIERS’

Outliers - A Creative Project by Lemzi


LEMZI is a rising rapper and artist born and raised in Leytonstone, London. Always growing up aware of his surroundings and environments, he focused in energy into education and then music, influenced heavily by traditional hip-hop and rap, featuring in the likes of BBC R1 Xtra, BBC Radio London and many more, and he now releases his new album ‘OUTLIERS – A Creative Project By Lemzi’.

Conventional and Creative, this album is a cohesive rap album which brings out the best in Lemzi, where he does spoken word in parts with tranquil sounds in the background, to full blown intoxicating rap tracks that catch your attention instantaneously.

LEMZI is a visionary, musician, entrepreneur, podcast host, event organiser, tastemaker, youth mentor, and consultant, and you can hear all of these different qualities shine through in this project.

Written and composed by LEMZI, with production from TOB, Engless, Flomine, Nikhil Beats, Flamin Beatz, Starboard and Gilles, “OUTLIERS” is an exquisite Creative Project and understatedly enticing Soul offering that sees LEMZI accentuate art, music, and creativity to the fullest.