REVIEW album Ronzo Fly Away (Single)

Ronzo's Refreshing New Release "Fly Away"

Fly Away (Single)


North London rapper Ronzo's new single “Fly Away,” is a raw and powerful anthem that showcases the 17 years old rapper’s idiosyncratic style of lofi drill. With a burgeoning discography that has helped to carve out his unique style, and over 50 million streams already under his belt, Ronzo is blazing forth and shows no signs of slowing down. Accompanied by a crisp, warm new video, "Fly Away" presents a cohesive blend of progressive sonics and refreshing visuals that demonstrate the artist's creative vision.

With production from Nilly, the new single is a message from Ronzo about his struggles and triumphs, delivered with honesty and passion. The lyrics are a reflection of the artist’s journey, highlighting his determination to overcome adversity and achieve his dreams. While the production quality of “Fly Away” is crisp and focused, with a polished sound consisting of shimmering keys, engaging bass, and clean, grooving percussion. Accompanied by a raw yet laid-back visual that captures his effortlessly charming style, "Fly Away" makes for an organic, innovative new drop.

Ronzo’s sound is a fusion of gritty, underground hip-hop with a fresh and modern twist. His music is a celebration of authenticity and self-expression, and his new release “Fly Away” is an apt example of this. The song’s powerful beats and memoralbe chorus provide an uplifting energy, while the lyrics will touch their hearts and inspire them to pursue their own dreams.