REVIEW album Vision Real Albanian (Single)

Vision Drops Brilliant Dark & Brooding Grime Single

Real Albanian (Single)


UK Grime sensation Vision is quickly stamping and setting the standards of what it takes to stand out as an emerging grime artist looking to make the cut. Possessing an infectious brand of grime and rap, it’s very hard to ignore this man’s flow and rhythm.

Already a roaring success, ‘Real Albanian’ is everything that Vision represents, and it’s so powerful and hard-hitting that any fan of grime and beyond will stop you in your tracks. Produced by Ditto and Tweeko, they provide the perfect platform for Vision to let it all out on the floor, and he does so in style and vigour.

It has moments of delicacy and poise too, with the synths and compelling rhythm that ensues throughout providing another catalyst for Vision’s all encompassing sound. Check it out now, you won’t regret it.