REVIEW album Ojay December Snow (Single)

Pop-Rock Band Ojay Returns With "December Snow"

December Snow (Single)


Ojay, the dynamic pop-rock outfit hailing from suburban Western Australia, has returned with a festive surprise just in time for Christmas – the enchanting "December Snow".

The track begins with a bang, as powerful vocals and a delicate piano melody set the stage for a passionate love ballad. With the use of Christmas bells and the usual codes of Christmas songs, "December Snow" is perfect for the period.

Beyond the music, the artwork accompanying "December Snow" is worth noting. The intriguing contrast between the warmth/fire] exuded by the male figure and the coldness embodied by the female figure adds another layer to the song's narrative. This visual duality mirrors the thematic contrast present in the music itself – a juxtaposition of hot and cold, passion and nostalgia, creating a captivating overall experience.

Moreover, the artwork cleverly parallels the band's Australian roots. In a country where December is synonymous with sunshine and warmth, Ojay invites us to explore the idea of a snowy December – an image traditionally associated with colder climates. This contrast between the Australian reality and the wintry imagery serves as a metaphor for the band's ability to transport listeners to different emotional landscapes through their music.