REVIEW album EMP EMPulsive

EMP Are A Musical Force



Texas-based instrumental trio, EMP, made up of the talented Alex Erhardt, Nathan Mays, and Maxx Salazar, just dropped their hot new EP, "Empulsive".

These guys have a killer style, mixing up genres like progressive rock, jazz, post-punk, and electronic vibes to create a seriously unique sound. And guess what? They throw in a vibraphone to spice things up, totally breaking away from the usual music scene.

Since they hooked up with Geodesic Records in 2022, "Empulsive" marks their first big leap into the music scene. The EP showcases their diverse musical backgrounds, pulling in punk, heavy metal, and some upright bass action in rock and roll. It's a mashup that keeps things fresh and innovative.

The opening track, "Tryst Issues," kicks off with a mix of vibraphone, electric guitar, and lively beats, setting the tone for a wild ride through the whole EP. Then there's "Four on the Flores," bringing in electro-pop elements and synth chords, giving it this cool futuristic vibe.

"Dr. Fillgrave" is a jazzy, playful number where the vibraphone takes the spotlight. They throw in some dissonant chords, keeping you on your toes and totally hooked. Oh, and did I mention that all the tracks on "Empulsive" are written and performed by EMP? Except for "African Flower" and "Song of Storms," which add a cool twist.

This EP is more than just music; it's a labour of love meticulously crafted by aCr & EMP, with aCr mastering the mixing. "Empulsive" is like a sneak peek into EMP's musical world, showing off their skills and setting the stage for some serious innovation in the instrumental scene. Get ready for a wild ride!