REVIEW album Louis Giannamore World Tour!

An Unexpected Treat

World Tour!

Louis Giannamore

Louis Giannamore is a bit of a musical renaissance man. Mainly a percussionist, he also plays violin, trumpet and keys, working as a session musician. He has scored a number of short films and a feature, Topper. All this experience is reflected in his debut album, World Tour! which consists of found sounds and IPhone recordings while on tour in 2022.

This unusual approach pays off in dividends. World Tour! is atmospheric, electrifying, unique and surprising. Part of the pleasure of listening to it is identifying the myriad of sounds that are combined to create each track. The life of a touring musician is beautifully, surprisingly rendered through sounds from every corner of the globe and somehow I feel Giannamore's fatigue in 'Jetlag', his confusion in 'Where Are We?' after one more flight, one more trip in a tour bus, one more soundcheck and one more hotel room. A concept album, this is more than the sum of its parts. An unexpected treat.