REVIEW album Matney All Fired Up

MATNEY's 'All Fired Up' Strikes A Chord With Music Lovers

All Fired Up


Prepare yourself for the latest release from up-and-coming band MATNEY, as they bring their unique blend of southern rock and powerful lyrics to the music scene with their highly anticipated single, “All Fired Up.”

With their roots deep in the southern rock tradition, MATNEY has already captured the attention of music lovers everywhere with their raw sound and honest storytelling. Produced by the legendary Stevie Salas, known for his work with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Mick Jagger, “All Fired Up” features Salas on lead guitar and showcases MATNEY’s ability to combine their musical influences with their own personal experiences.

Lead singer and frontman, Michael Matney, draws from his struggles and faith to create a relatable and uplifting anthem that is sure to strike a chord with listeners. Having made a name for himself in both the post-punk and southern rock scenes, Matney is no stranger to the music world. He gained notoriety as a former member of the cult band White Boy and The Average Rat Band and has also shared the stage with music legend David Alan Coe.

With years of experience performing in legendary venues across the country, Matney and his band are ready to take on the spotlight. The single marks a major release for Roulette Records and is already receiving high praise from critics. Fans of southern rock will not want to miss this exciting new release that pays homage to the genre’s roots while also bringing a fresh, modern sound to the table. So get ready to be blown away by MATNEY’s southern-rock-inspired sound. With their powerful lyrics, infectious melodies, and impressive production, “All Fired Up” is a must-listen for rock fans everywhere. Keep an eye out for this rising band as they make their mark on the music scene.