REVIEW album Skimo Let It Fly (Single)

Skimo Takes Flight With "Let It Fly"

Let It Fly (Single)


After a decade-long hiatus, Skimo emerges from the depths of introspection with his debut album, "Connected Memory".

At the heart of this introspective journey lies "Let It Fly", a focus track that ventures into experimental territories and sounds like no other. With ethereal vocals provided by fellow rising artist Ash, "Let It Fly" defies conventional genre boundaries, for a unique result.

From the moment the first notes cascade through the speakers, "Let It Fly" captivates with its otherworldly allure. The vocals soar above intricate electronic beats and pulsating rhythms, creating a hypnotic tapestry of sound that is as immersive as it is transcendent.

What sets "Let It Fly" apart is its fearless embrace of experimentation. Skimo skillfully melds elements of electronica, house, and ambient music to create a composition that is both enigmatic and entrancing.

As the centerpiece of the album, "Connected Memory", "Let It Fly" is the perfect example of Skimo's artistic vision—a vision that is unapologetically bold, refreshingly innovative, and utterly captivating. It is a track that beckons listeners to let go of preconceived notions and surrender to the exhilarating chaos of sound.

So if you're ready to listen to something different and unique, make sure you check Skimo's track "Let It Fly".