REVIEW album Jafar Curry New York Girl (Single)

Simply A Treat! Jafar Curry's New York Girl Is A Complete Vibe!

New York Girl (Single)

Jafar Curry

New York Girl is the first song from Jafar Curry's forthcoming album ‘The Pink Sessions’. Packed with robust and thoughtful instrumentation that compliments a smooth and charming vocal performance, this single features some of the most interesting musical elements by combining Soul, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Pop into a fitting tribute to New York City. It is truly a combination of the old and new NYC.

The cascade of classical piano introduction into the gritty fast paced 90's New York Subway works together as such a compliment to the musicianship. When the vocals touch down about a minute or so into the track they work as the final glue to pull the track together. The splashy horns resonate a jazz continuity in Jafar's unique approach to production, consistent with his more recent work.

I really loved this track and the tribute to many of my favorite NYC staples. I think this is a new and create soulful-pop direction and quite possibly an evolution in a now genre bending sound.