Tech N9ne Releases Collabos Single

Upholding a creative hot streak, chart-topping multiplatinum hip-hop legend and the most successful independent rapper of all-time, Tech N9ne shares a dynamic new collabos single entitled “Boomer Rang” with Stevie Stone and featuring K.A.A.N. and Ubi out now via Strange Music.

Materializing out of a haze, the track’s ominous keyboard loop gives way to a punchy beat as Tech’s razor-sharp lyricism cuts as deeply as ever. He alternates between observing and philosophizing, going on to profess, “I studied the law of attraction, and every action got a reaction.” He activates a fiery flow absorbed by an equally impressive onslaught courtesy of Stevie Stone, K.A.A.N., and Ubi. As the hypnotic hook echoes, the soundscape melts into a stirring trumpet solo.

As always with Tech and collabos, expect the unexpected—and then-some!

It comes on the heels of “P.O.W.” featuring Marley Young. It has amassed 361K Spotify streams and received looks from Hip Hop Over Everything and more.

In March, he delivered the collabos anthem “You Know Where You Can Go.” It has already piled up nearly 400K Spotify streams as well as 143K YouTube views on the music video.

It landed in the wake of the collabos track “Roll Call” with Rittz and featuring King Iso, Joey Cool, JL, Lex Bratcher, and X-Raided. The latter has already stacked up almost 1.8MM YouTube views on the music video.

Tech N9ne is one of the most insane, influential, and impactful legacies in hip-hop. He has consistently accomplished the impossible from outside of the system. He’s bucked every trend, overturned all expectations, and not only built a culture, but a whole damn world with Strange Music. The craziest thing is how far he’s come since co-founding Strange Music back in 2000. The Kansas City, MO rapper has gone from packed Midwest underground shows to the annual Forbes “Cash Kings” list multiple times, the cover of XXL, the playlists of Sir Elton John and Dwayne Johnson, and national commercials for the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs. Beyond tallying billions of streams and views, he has scored four platinum singles, three gold singles, and a gold album. He has notched 23 entries on the Billboard Top albums Chart and remains the record holder for “most Top 10 albums on the rap chart.” Not to mention, he cracked the Top 5 of the Billboard Top 200 four times. His collaborators have ranged from Eminem, The Doors, Lil Wayne, Tupac, Boyz II Men, T.I., MGK, Flatbush Zombies, and Gary Clark, Jr. to Slipknot, System of a Down, Deftones, and Logic. Mainstream went Tech when he ignited ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! Meanwhile, Complex mused “How Kendrick Lamar Became a Star With Help From Tech N9ne.” He has sold out hundreds of shows as part of a relentless schedule. Not to mention, he introduced his own craft beer Bou Lou—in partnership with Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewery.