REVIEW album Shazy Hade Triumph Returns Again

Shazy Hade’s Triumph Returns Again - A Compelling Fusion Of Past & Present

Triumph Returns Again

Shazy Hade

Shazy Hade’s Triumph Returns Again is a compelling fusion of past and present, presenting a collection of songs that resonate with authenticity and introspection. Originally recorded in 2008 and rediscovered over a decade later, this fourteen-song alternative rock album stands as a testament to the band's creative endurance and lyrical depth.

Formed in Madison, WI, and made up of members of two prominent local independent bands, The New Recruits and Hum Machine, Shazy Hade is comprised of Eric Schiker-Vocals/Guitar, EricGeving-Guitar/Vocals, T.K. Sinnott -Guitar/Vocals, Dave Hunt-bass, with Eric Hartz-Drums.

The album's production captures the raw essence of the late 2000s alternative rock scene while benefiting from modern remastering. The guitar work is intricate and emotive, seamlessly blending with driving bass lines and dynamic drumming. Shazy Hade’s lead vocalist delivers a performance that is both powerful and nuanced, with a voice that conveys a wide range of emotions, perfectly suited to the band's sound.

After a long hiatus, the band reconnected at a friend’s memorial service, and decided they should “probably release it while they were all still alive,” and with some careful editing and mastering by Justin Perkins of the Mystery Room, it became a reality. The band has managed to breathe new life into their lost recordings, creating an album that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly current. Filled with poetic lyrics, Triumph Returns Again is more than a collection of songs; it’s a rediscovered gem that bridges the past and present. Fans of alternative rock will find much to admire in this evocative and skillfully crafted work.

The band triumphs in showcasing their ability to create music that transcends time and resonates on a deeply emotional level.