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Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Lo-fi dream-pop from bohemian Californian trio...

SUBBA-CULTCHA.COM SAYS: "It was a little more than a year ago when we got our paws on a sweet little covers album from this dream-pop trio. They took some of the best songs from decades gone by and gave them a stealthy makeover in Noughties cool. But now, it's 2014 and the trio are back and staying true to a lo-fi and boho California vibe. With new single, 
Cool Runnings, Tashaki Miyaki use slow drawls and throaty guitars to create a lazy but pretty sound.  In it, Lucy Miyaki sings rather wistfully about self-sabotage. Any risk of being sombre and heavy are done away with Miyaki's airy and nonchalant style.And of course, the arrangement by Nathaniel Walcott of Bright Eyes fame gives Miyaki's doleful lyrics a pretty frame. Some might think that the Tashaki Miyaki sound is much like a lot out there but there’s certain spark to it that has me hooked. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter as their music provides for a wonderful backdrop for other things. Like long drives, thoughts and sunsets at 35,000 feet. In any case, we're really looking forward to the upcoming release of their debut album. Sample their track at the bottom of this article and keep an eye out for our forthcoming interview with the band..."
Los Angeles based Tashaki Miyaki was born out of a late night jam between Lucy and Rocky in early 2011. Shortly after they started making recordings as a duo with friend and producer/engineer Joel Jerome (Dios, Babies in Acid). After posting a couple songs on Bandcamp there was sudden response from bloggers and business types alike, including being flown to London to play a private event for Converse at the legendary 100 Club.  Realizing they needed to fill out their live sound, they asked friend and bassist Dora Hiller to join.  Since then they have recorded a self titled EP, a single (Best Friend, Luvluvluv Records), a 7" of Everly Brothers Covers (Rough Trade's For Us Records), a tape of all their early recordings on Burger Records, as well as toured North America and the UK. They are currently in the midst of recording their debut full length. [soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="false" /]