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Amber Run's Debut '5AM', "Fantasic & Brilliantly Crafted"

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Following a series of EP’s in 2014 Amber Run released their debut album '5AM' on 17th April via Sony Music Entertainment. Mike Crossey, who has previously worked with great British bands such as Foals, The 1975 and the young Arctic Monkeys, produced the album. Together Crossey and Amber Run have flaunted how good young, British music can be and this is just the start. If this is what they’ve produced as a debut, then imagine the potential for a second, third or even forth album.

In a word this album is great. It’s complex and clever but holds back when it needs to, like in the albums title track ‘5AM’ where the song is mostly carried by a keyboard and vocals, only introducing simple but effective drums half way through. The lyrics describe a story of youth and regret and fused with the melody this skilfully creates a very powerful and poignant song.

Earlier on in the album you find the anthems, the tracks that pull you in immediately like ‘Hurricane’, which you can already imagine being played out to thousands of people at the summer festivals. People dancing in the sun or more likely rain, singing back the chorus ‘I’m desperate for your adoration, holding onto a hurricane’ to front man Will Jones.

There are no stand out tracks on this album, they’re all fantastic and brilliantly crafted, flowing from song to song. The album carries itself and tells a story like any good album should. It will be interesting to hear the follow up, to hear the next episode. The Amber Run boys deserve all the success they’re going to receive off the back of this album and will soon be a stand out name amongst British indie bands. If you want to see how 5AM fairs live, they are playing a number of gigs across the UK until the start of May.

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Words by Anna Sharp