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Millencolin Return With 'True Brew', Proof Of Great Musicianship

Old Subbacultcha

Old Subbacultcha

Following their 2008 release, ‘Machine 15’, Millencolin are back with brand new ‘True Brew’. Their 8th, self-recorded album proves that 23 years of experience forms a solid basis for great musicianship.

That musicianship presents itself in the rhythmic drumming and appealing basslines one has come to expect of the Swedish quartet, perfectly synched with impressive riffs and frontman Nikola Sarcevic’s husky voice.

Inspired by bands like Bad Religion, classic punk influences shine through strong on the album, but with that true Millencolin touch that sets them apart. That very touch could perhaps be prescribed to a mix of talent, experience and how well the members fit together. “We’re a band truly formed from respect and understanding for each other and our passion for rock music,” explains Sarcevic. “If you ask us, this is the best job in the world!”

‘True Brew’ is introduced with “Egocentric Man”, which starts off with the zing of an electric guitar before the opening riff kicks in - almost an instrumental throat clear to ready the listener for an eargasmic experience.

“Autopilot” is a favourite. The song has good energy, with a pirate-like chorus that urges one to take a swig of rum while banging ye fist on the table. In all seriousness, the track is hard to rival, because of its strong resemblance to songs from their monumental album, ‘Pennybridge Pioneers’.

The title track opens with a riff that will most definitely catch, and continues to produce a melodic offering with Sarcevic’s raw voice carrying the choruses powerfully. The chorus just after the bridge fades out, leaving a kickdrum and a single guitar note held with Sarcevic singing “I just want to live for something true, I don’t care if it’s good enough for you, I just want to create something true.” Amazing.

‘Wall of Doubt’ is another favourite. A song about opposites, the track opens sweetly with a piano, before giving away to a wave of drums and guitars. The choruses are big, rolling along with gusto and creating opportunities for livery sing-alongs.

What Millencolin has achieved with this album, is a passionate deliverance of punk in its truest form. Middle-finger-in-the-air lyrics backed by high-voltage music that’s sure to give you a kick in the ass.

‘True Brew’ is out 27th April via Epitaph Record and Millencolin will be out touring Europe during May and June in support of the new album.

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Words by Renette van der Merwe